Development Ethics Workshop
, July 20, 2016

Carleton University, River Building 3228, organized by the International Development Ethics Association

This is a pre-conference workshop of the 33rd International Conference on Social Philosophy held by the North American Society for Social Philosophy

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10:00-11:00  Holly Longair (Carleton University) “The Deliberative Perfectionist Approach to Adaptive Preferences: Is David Crocker’s Deliberative Participation an Appropriate Framework?”

11:15-12:15 Susan Murphy (Trinity College, Dublin) “Challenging Hegemonic Discourses: Exposing the Cycles of Gendered Vulnerabilities in Educational Outputs as Drivers of Gender Inequality and Injustice in Young Adults"

 1:30-2:30 Arielle Stirling (Carleton University) “Development as Racism: An Analysis of the Discourse of Global Poverty”

2:45-3:45 Jennifer Caseldine-Bracht (Manchester University) “Applied Environmental Ethics: The Role of Community Engagement in Social Democracy and Environmental Sustainability”

4:00-5:00 Jay Drydyk (Carleton University) “Sufficiency—What is Enough?”